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Ptah Pendulum Set

(3 customer reviews)


The Ptah Pendulum is a tool used for dowsing, energy healing and the extraction of unwanted energies.


The Ptah Pendulum is a tool used for dowsing, energy healing and the extraction of unwanted energies.

John Living, Master Dowser has more than 55 years experience of dowsing, was the Executive Secretary (and a co-founder) of the Holistic Intuition Society. He is a member of the Canadian Society of Questers, the Canadian Society of Dowsers, and the American Society of Dowsers.

John Living developed Ptah pendulum. He has used it to locate and Heal ‘not good’ energies in the land, such as curses and other ‘bad medicine’, and understands that it is one of the most powerful Healing devices that exist. When working with the Healing Angels and other Healing Energies John uses the “Ptah Pendulum” to clear energies that are causing problems as a preliminary step to reduce the work needed to be done by the Healing Energies of Elementals, Devas, and Angels.

The Ptah Pendulum comes with an instructional brochure in an attractive and sturdy satchel.

All the “Ptah Pendulums” are blessed with the abilities of the Osiris and Isis Pendulums, and have been made with True Holy Love.


Made of #14 gauge tinned copper wire (to stay bright), the coils are about 1 inch / 2.5 cm diameter. The long coil is 5 inches / 14 cm long, and the short coil 3.5 inches / 9 cm long. The two coils are attached by a chain with swivels.

The Ptah Pendulum History

John Living found that the Osiris Pendulum has a special ability to locate ‘not good’ energies in a person’s aura, and when used in ‘extraction mode’ (an anti-clockwise circle) it removed such energies.

But there was a problem – they tended to go into the hand of the Healer/Dowser who was using the Pendulum!
To overcome this, John attached his Osiris Pendulum to the ‘extract’ end of one of the Healing Coils developed by Slim Spurling.
This converted the energies that were removed into being ‘good’ energies – and thus prevented deleterious effects from being experienced by the Healer/Dowser, giving instead a beneficial effect.

The next step was to attach one of Slim’s Coils to a cord, so as to make a Pendulum. This was even more powerful in extracting ‘not good’ energies and converting them to being ‘good’, but did not have the ability of the Osiris Pendulum in locating problems in auras.
An effort was made to get the Osiris Pendulum, designed on geometric theory, to teach the ‘Slim’s Coil’ Pendulum its skill in locating problems in auras – and this was successful !

The Isis Pendulum has the gift of putting ‘good’ energies into the recipient in a similar way, so a cord was attached to the output end of one of Slim’s Coils to make a Pendulum that put ‘good’ energy into a person – and again this was a success!

Then the thought was received “Why not combine them into a dual purpose Pendulum ?” – and so the “Ptah Pendulum” was developed.
John Living has tested this on himself and on a number of other people who needed Healing – with excellent results.

The Ptah pendulum comes with the following instructions Ptah Pendulum

For yes and no answers use this chart Ptah-Pendulum-Chart

Who is Ptah? Ptah graphic

Videos of John Living, Master Dowser showing how to use the Ptah Pendulum


Additional information

Weight .088 kg
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 1.5 cm

3 reviews for Ptah Pendulum Set

  1. Mariana Alves Soprano

    The Ptah Pendulum is well crafted, with the right energy flow; you can feel the love, the healing power there. Easy to use, is very effective in self energy balance (for example I use it every day to check and balance my chakras; to balance the energy of my doggies, they love it!!!) and in others. When walking in the woods I take it with me to help clear the energies of any spot in need. It’s an important tool for a healer. I am very happy with it!!! Thank you <3 Mariana Alves Soprano

  2. Unknown

    Imaginary Ptah Pendulum.

    For the past two and a half years I have used the Ptah Pendulum as supplied by John Living on my family, pets, friends and patients in my healing clinics. I must admit that I have used it for healing purposes only.

    In general I follow the instructions as set out by John in his literature. It seems to me that the maxim ‘If at first you don’t succeed, read the instructions’ fits well when using energy tools. During the last few months I have used the Ptah Pendulum mainly in distant healing work. The method that I use for this is somewhat different to John’s methods and involves a lot of visualization.

    Recently I had occasion to use a modified version of this distant healing method on myself. I was called into hospital for major surgery in my stomach area. Part of my bowel was removed and the scar that I was left with is twenty five centimeters long. The pain killers they used caused me to have a heart attack and the pain from the wound was intense. The medical profession in the United Kingdom are somewhat less enthusiastic about alternative healing methods so I could not be seen dangling a pendulum over myself to give healing to my body. So I came up with a plan to give myself healing.

    I would do Distant Healing on myself using the Ptah Pendulum as the healing tool and the method would be imagination/visualization. I was already lying on my back in the hospital bed so this would make it easier for me to visualize.

    I saw myself in my minds eye lying on the bed. I then saw a person (or another myself) holding the Ptah Pendulum over the center of my body (Solar Plexus area) and then following the healing procedure as set out by John Living in his literature. Within minutes my pain had gone and I felt more at ease, relaxed and comfortable.

    Last Monday was ten days after my operation and the surgeon on his rounds asked if I would like to go home. He could not understand how a 74 year old man had recovered so quickly from that operation and having a heart attack as well. I was going home SEVEN days earlier than expected. Even an imaginary Ptah Pendulum has extraordinary powers!

  3. Anna Estrada (verified owner)

    I’m so happy I purchased this Ptah Pendulum! Best investment ever! I have all ready used it to clear energies from my home and myself. Last night I wasn’t feeling good and I followed the steps that John Living demonstrated in pulling out the bad energy and suddenly I felt better! I love this pendulum so much that next month I’m hoping to buy the mini Ptah Pendulum to carry on me. Seriously this is a wonderful investment for healing! Namaste

    • Tyhson Banighen

      Thank you for your review. The Ptah pendulum is a very powerful healing tool. Please, keep us up to date with your Ptah pendulum adventures.
      Love and Light

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