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5 Vinyl Message & Logarithmic Charts



 5 Vinyl Message & Logarithmic Charts with FREE shipping

Vinyl Business Card with Charts – very long-lasting !

A ‘Message Chart’ is on one side, and a logarithmic ‘Noxious Energy’ Chart on the other, which is used with the ‘Sleep Well, Be Healthy’ booklet – an excellent guide to help you to identify and deal with Earth Energies and other energies that are noxious to humans, etc. The alpha-numeric Message Chart is on one side, and on the other is a Logarithmic Chart used to evaluate the effect of noxious energies, as described in the books by John Living.

The card is the same size as the standard business card, and is made of a very durable vinyl which should last for many years.

The Vinyl Logarithmic Chart is designed for use with this informative booklet, “Sleep Well,Be Healthy” A concise summary based on ‘Earth Radiation’ designed as a booklet for distribution by Dowsers and Health Professionals aware of such noxious energies. Consider bulk orders for booklets, or get a FREE copy of the E-Book first to have a look at it by clicking this link.

Sleep Well, Be Healthy2

Additional information

Weight .006 kg
Dimensions 8.8 x 5.6 x .05 cm
5 Charts

5 charts, 7.50


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