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Testimonials for Triticum Aestivum

Sprouting Health (Triticum Aestivum)

Note: the following statements and suggested TA products uses have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. When you purchase TA- products you agree to the Terms and Conditions which include agreeing to the Consent Form which can be found here.

Please note that the spray product comes in two forms a TA – Clear bottle which is a homeopathic and does not stain whereas the TA-Amber bottle is the original spray with a strong wheat smell and does stain. TA – Power is used in products made with twisted wire and/or encased in plastic or copper tubing.

Note: For best results to relieve pain or destress the body do not spray TA products on the skin or wear products next to the skin.  To destress and ground the body spray the bed the back of your clothing or the chair or the driver’s seat and behind the seat.  Wear rings and bracelets over clothing and away from your head or neck area. Do however, feel free to experiment with the products and send us your testimonials. 


Many people have taken the time to share how Triticum Aestivum has improved their lives and the people around them. Below are testimonials from people who have used Triticum Aestivum and how it has made a difference.

 Wound Recovery

3 photographs of the remarkable wound recovery of a horse using Triticum.Terry B
Terry sends us his testimonial of Triticum being applied to a major wound to aid in the recovery process. Click the image above for full details!


Betty Sutherland

My husband likes to play golf. He uses Triticum aestivum for pain management and to become more flexible.

Alan Graff

I have been using this wonderful product on my family and friends for over three years. It is great on a lot of different complaints. I use it on my wife’s back before we go to bed and it helps her help me on our farm.

Phyllis Kerridge

I have a crippling form of arthritis. My son and daughter in law helped me find and use TA during my four week holiday in Canada. I used it in my daily bath, humidifier, and sprayed my back before sleep. I am now home in England and use it in my early morning bath everyday. I definitely have more movement and less pain. Yesterday, I had a visitor who had very bad arthritis, new hips, knees etc. and his elbow was aching. I sprayed him and after only a couple of minutes, he could actually clench his hand into a fist, which he had not been able to do for a long time.

Testimonial form J. T. from Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hi! It works so fast! I only heard a part of your information session because I had to get back to work, but what I did hear was intriguing. I went back later and bought a small bottle of Sprouting Health to try.

Testimonial from M. K. from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

I am afraid to ever be without your spray. It works amazingly well on my arthritis in my hands and bursitis in my shoulder.   I am now retired and have a lot of other people in my condominium using the product as well. I use the reflexology method of the plastic bag on the foot at night and believe me it works! I just hope not to have a fire in the middle of the night because my foot would look very odd!

Testimonial from P. K. from England

Yesterday, I had a visitor who had very bad arthritis, new hips, knees etc. and his elbow was aching. I sprayed him and after only a couple of minutes, he could actually clench his hand into a fist which he had not been able to do for a long time.

I have rheumatoid arthritis (diagnosed juvenile rheumatoid at age 3), and have lately been also diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am 35 years old now. I didn’t try it in the bath that night, but I did spot spray a few places, namely my knees which seem to be probably my worst joints, my hands, my feet, and the back of my neck. I also sprayed my tummy. Well – I couldn’t believe my energy that Saturday! I was busy doing just normal things, but they weren’t such big tasks as they have been for a long time now. And I was just totally amazed and really happy when I realized I could run up the stairs from the basement, two at a time, to catch a rinse cycle on the dishwasher. It didn’t even hurt, let alone sap all my energy. I immediately told my husband, and he said, “Wow! Exactly what I thought!” I am really impressed with this product and I am starting to try some of the different ways to use it now, like in the bath, etc. I just wanted to let you know how it was going and that I’m really impressed!


Minnie Kliever

It is one year ago since I first contacted you. In my desperation with fibromyalgia someone from Chilliwack sent me your ad. I then went on line & read about you & your product & sent you an email asking who in Winnipeg carried your product. I bought it & immediately began using it, although the concept of ‘just spraying’ was a stretch when the pain was so great. I remember the day you took time to phone me [just before flying off to London] & you so graciously encouraged me, with a reminder that it would take at least a year before I would notice anything. July 19 the pain stopped & here I am today, Jan.23…still PAIN FREE! How very grateful I am and have told anyone who wants to listen. Thank you again, not for the pain you had to go through to help us, but for your determination to seek help & then to pass it on. I know there is no cure, & still spray every night, and also have moved into a place that has an indoor pool so I can exercise in that way. God bless!

Anne Stevens

I started using the product to help with my fibromyalgia. It really helped me. I had tried lots of other products with no success. Since then I have started using the TA spray before and after my exercise workouts. It helped with my flexibility, breathing and focus. This stuff is not only for pain!

Tina Ray

I am a mother of three active children and unfortunately have fibromyalgia resulting from two car accidents. Ten years ago I severely injured my right shoulder and neck. I also suffer from migraine headaches and muscle spasms, some that last 2 weeks. After using the spray, one massive headache was eased. I was told that the spray was not an instant fix product for my fibromyalgia but I decided to give it a good long try. After three or four days use, my husband noticed a marked improvement. He felt that I was more relaxed and sleeping better. I especially like using TA in my evening bath and really feel it helps take away the aches.

Secura Tracy

The last seven years I have been suffering with fibromyalgia. I was semi-confined to my bed for an entire year, and had to start using experimental drugs. I heard about TA on Calgary Radio and after only 10 days of using this external spray, I felt free from the confines of fibromyalgia. I have been a dedicated user for about six years.

Pharmacist Testimonial

An Alberta Pharmacist recommended Triticum Aestivum trans-dermal spray to a teacher that was suffering from fibromyalgia. She used it for a few nights and it worked well on her fibromyalgia symptoms. Shortly thereafter she went to Hawaii and bumped into a colleague who was traveling with her elderly mother. The mother was noticeably suffering with severe knee pain. The teacher sprayed the mother and she noticed significant relief within 15 minutes. The teacher left the bottle with the mother along with some simple use instructions. The next night, the mother reported sleeping well for the first time in years. When the teacher returned home she was greeted with a monstrous bouquet of flowers that the mother had wired to her as a thank you. Since then the mother has re-ordered the product


Rod Cicori

The application of TA spray has had extraordinary results. The arthritis and sore tendons no longer impede my enjoyment of walking and now I can go golfing. The original injury was 50 years ago and more or less resulted in a clubbed foot. This was more tha serious when I re-injured it a year ago. Now there is 99% relief.

Testimonial from G. S. from Richmond, BC, Canada

I am a Senior, and have had Osteoarthritis for years. I have been taking an anti-inflammatory drug for the last 3 years. Some days it helps and some days it doesn’t. A good friend gave me a bottle of Triticum Aestivum, that she won at a Golf Tournament. This was last September and I have been using it regularly ever since. I spray it on once at night and again in the morning. It greatly reduces the pain. I bought a new bottle recently. Thank you!

Pain Relief

Wanda Mitchell

I work for a chiropractor and one of our patients told me about TA spray. She has a hip prosthesis that was causing pain and after only four applications, the pain has gone.

Aches and Pains

Bea Reoch

This germinated wheat spray really works for all sorts of problems. I am 81 years old and have the usual aches and pains. I use it with good effect for local pain management.

Work Related Aches and Pains

Roger Lewis
I was recently given a bottle of Triticum Aestivum spray, and I am impressed. My line of work as a stunt man, horse trainer and professional rodeo cowboy amounts to many aches and pains. I have been having problems sleeping because of pain but since using the TA, I have been sleeping through the night. I am also a horse chiropractor and was working on a horse when a lady introduced me to the spray. The horse I was working on had extremely tight muscles, which makes it very hard to adjust its back. She sprayed the horses back and he relaxed almost immediately. Thank You!

Chronic Pain

Jane Day

My mother recommended I use TA spray in my bath for my chronic neck and shoulder pain. I had a good soak and found that I was pain free for the first time in months. Since then, each time my neck tightens up, I just spray for relief. I regularly go to the Chiropractor for adjustments, and found that spraying just before treatments relaxes my muscles so that corrections are made much easier. I have been a school teacher for 33 years and find that my ankles now swell quite frequently. I use TA spray during my lunch break and within 30 minutes, the swelling is reduced. I thank my mom for recommending this product that’s great for helping me though my day!

Pain from Car Accident

Testimonial from D. B. from Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada

You simply have a wonderful product! No wonder our Drug Store is always sold out. I was involved in a major car accident and suffered a destabilizing neck injury. There are two semi-crushed vertebrae and the jagged edges keep pressing on nerves causing numbness, shooting pains in neck and arms, migraine headaches and spots before my eyes. I was in agonizing pain and didn’t dare move. I was amazed and thrilled after the use of the spray. I could move without wincing! Today, I no longer have headaches or spots before my eyes.   Thank you!

Sensitivities to Allergies

Inga, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.   2013.

Inga from Calgary has been using the TA Amber for about 15 years when she got to know Greg Miller. It has worked wonders for her ever since. Inga has many sensitivities and allergies and her digestive system, liver and lungs are affected. This product has helped her to keep going. She wonders how it would have been without it! Almost like a miracle in that she can use it on many different areas with relief of pain and discomfort. It is not like a pain pill in that it doesn’t always work right away. She has stuck with it and is so glad she did. She believes that the sprouting wheat product is so concentrated that it delivers nutrients where they are needed without having to go through the digestive system.

For keeping her lungs clear Inga breathes in a spray of TA Amber through one nostril while blocking off the other and then reverses the process. She does this every day and her breathing is now so good, her Doctor is amazed. He knows she uses something but doesn’t ask what!

For a hand burn from the electric stove element, she sprayed some TA Gold/silver and there was very soon, no more pain and no blistering.

She has a colostomy and uses the TA Amber spray on and around the stomach when changing the colostomy bag each time; letting the spray dry before attaching the bag to the skin. Her skin remains healthy and comfortable.

When her neck was swollen and painful she used the TA Gold/silver with relief of the pain and the swelling.

Work Related Voice Stress Reduction

Testimonial from Les McIntyre, Alberta, Canada 2013

Les is a 59 year Alberta horse rancher, an auctioneer and a caller at races and rodeos! He has been using Triticum Aestivum Amber for 10 to 15 years. He attributes his ability to call at auctions for hours on end without his voice giving out or getting tired, to using the Triticum spray that he sprays on the exterior of his neck and down the back of his throat after and during a busy day on the microphone. It keeps his voice sharp and he knows to spray if he ever gets a scratchy throat. People are amazed at the power of his voice after a whole day of calling.

Relief of Bruises, Bumps and Sprains

Other uses for the TA Amber for him and his three award winning, athletic sons who all carry TA in their sports bags are: –

  • Post dental surgery healing occurs fast.
  • Soft tissue injuries’, pain reduced and heal fast.
  • Muscles that are to be used strenuously do not tire easily when sprayed before and after exercise.
  • For knee, ankle and finger bumps and strains, TA is used by the basketball and baseball playing sons.
  • Surface burns heal up faster with TA than with burn ointments.
  • Hemorrhoids sprayed with TA heal in a couple of days.
  • Anything that hurts he sprays with TA!

Les uses about 2 bottles of TA 120ml a month and he has only used the TA Amber product because it works on so many areas of the body.

Radiation Burns from Throat Cancer

Telephone interview with Floyd from Calgary, Alberta Canada 2013

He has used the Sprouting Health (TA) for several years.  It started with his wife who had shoulder problems from sitting at a computer all day at work.  They kept hearing this radio advertisement about Sprouting Health and decided to try it to see if helped her.  It did.

Floyd has had radiation treatments for throat cancer that resulted in the loss of taste buds and salivary glands, also with burns on his neck that were bandaged for weeks afterward.  When he could start eating properly again he was producing a great deal of phlegm.  He had the TA product and thought he would try it in case it helped reduce the phlegm.  He took a shot glass, sprayed the TA amber in the glass two times, filled the glass with water and held it in his mouth for a while before swallowing it.  It did get rid of most of the phlegm.  His Dr. had told him he could do nothing to reduce the phlegm problem.

Floyd drove a school bus with handicapped children.  There was one child, about 11 years old who screamed constantly.  Before getting on the bus; on the bus; all day at school where they had her in a room alone sometimes because she just screamed.  The second year of driving this child Floyd talked to the child’s mother about TA.  She was willing to try it.  As Floyd always carried a small bottle of TA Clear with him, he gave it to the child’s mother and suggested she sprayed her daughter’s back after her bath and to see what happens.  The next day, there was no screaming, the child was smiling! Floyd gave the mother the bottle to take to the school.  The next morning the child was fussing, the school had confiscated the TA!!  Presumably as it was not a patented drug!  Floyd was determined to get the TA bottle back so went into the school office and asked for the school nurse, as he was sure she must have taken it.  He made a small threat of calling the authorities!   The bottle was returned.  The Alberta School Board then offered to pay for the TA for the mother through the Alberta Health Centre.   Sometime later the mother of the child called the bus line office as the child has passed away.

Floyd had an acquaintance who was a Registered Nurse who had Fibromyalgia.  She was willing to try anything to help reduce the pain.  Floyd gave her his sample bottle and she took it away to try.  5 minutes later the nurse came back saying her pain was so much less!

One Friday morning standing waiting in the line-up at the bank, Floyd was beside a man in the next line who was doubled over at a 75-80% angle as if he was almost sitting down. They had time to talk and after the tellers had finished serving them Floyd went over and asked if he could have a word.  He learned that the man was 76 years old and had had that posture for several years and worked as a truck driver.  Floyd suggested that TA might help and asked if he could take a bottle over to the trucking office the next day for him.  This he did, suggesting that the man asked his wife to spray his back in the shower at night. On Monday morning there was a message to call the man.  “Give me a bottle of that, real quick!”  Floyd took the TA over to the man’s house and was greeted by the 6’3” man standing straight and tall in the doorway with a big grin on his face!

Floyd was a distributor of TA for a few years. He knows it is a wonderful product.  He uses it on his leg that had surgeries three times for a blood clot in 2004.  The surgery left his leg with a big scar that the surgeon told him may cause problems in the future.    Spraying the ankle night and morning with TA Clear since then has kept Floyd from major problems with this leg.   Floyd Crowder- 403-293-3122

Soft Tissue Ailments

Testimonial C. L. from Aldergrove, BC, Canada

I have recently been introduced to the benefits of Triticum Aestivum transdermal spray, and have been using it on a number of soft tissue ailments with great success. A friend at work noticed that my wrist was hurting and quickly whipped out this stuff and sprayed me. 10 minutes later, I was hounding her for information. I have since passed the spray on to a number of people I know, and without exception the response has been incredible – certainly not the first time you’ve heard that, but just wanted you to know how much you’re helping people.

Dental Infection

Testimonial M. G. from Champion, AB

My husband and I are real fans of your product, Triticum Aestivum. I had a root canal done in Calgary that cost about $1500.00 and after that it still kept flaring up. A different Dentist in Lethbridge offered to redo the root canal for an additional $1200.00. Instead, I tried the spray. I put a small amount in a teaspoon and dipped a Q-Tip into it and swabbed around the sore tooth about 3 times a day for about 5 or 6 days. The problem cleared right up. My husband, who has all of his teeth capped, started feeling pain in one tooth and also used the spray. It definitely worked. We advocate this product for everyone, since we responded so wonderfully to it! Our Pharmacist in Vulcan feels that this is one of the best products that he has on his shelves. Thanks Greg Miller for offering us such a wonderful product. Testimonial from R. L. from Cardston, AB, Canada

Treatment of  Burns

My son-in-law suffered extensive burns while BBQ’ing. The propane tank exploded causing 3rd degree burns to the knuckle area of his left hand and the rest of his left hand up to the elbow as well as his right hand with 1st degree burns. I instructed my daughter to spray his back from the neck to the tail bone each day in one sweeping spray and then after a few days another spray from each shoulder to hand. The burn unit advised that it was possible that he would not regain full function of his left hand. Everyone was amazed that he returned to work a short 3 weeks later. A. M. Rocky Mountain House, AB

Testimonial from Carol Conway of Burnaby, B.C. Canada May 23rd 2013

Carol is a hairdresser who has a little bottle of TA Amber at her work station that she uses for any curling iron burns that occur. She finds it works fast, takes away the pain and the burn heals with no scars etc. Carol also remembers using TA Amber on her arms with good results when she developed tendinitis from painting her apartment.

An incident happened at a Sorority meeting that Greg Miller was doing a presentation of his TA products; – one of the ladies scalded herself with hot tea and was trying to relieve the pain by waving her hand around. Carol noticed this and told Greg who happened to be talking about spraying burns at the time! He immediately sprayed the poor ladies red and painful hand. The heat and pain cooled right down at once. The ladies in the meeting were most impressed and were very interested in the product after the real live demonstration! Carol is interested in finding out about the new discoveries with the product and hopes that there will be some promotions and more marketing to get the Sprouting Wheat available in the health stores.

Better Sleep

I was recently given a bottle of Triticum Aestivum spray, and I am impressed. My line of work as a stunt man, horse trainer and professional rodeo cowboy amounts to many aches and pains. I have been having problems sleeping because of pain but since using the TA, I have been sleeping through the night. I am also a horse chiropractor and was working on a horse when a lady introduced me to the spray. The horse I was working on had extremely tight muscles, which makes it very hard to adjust its back. She sprayed the horses back and he relaxed almost immediately. Thank You!

Testimonial from S. S. from Trail, BC, Canada

I have a good friend that has Sjogren’s Syndrome and your Triticum Aestivum spray has given her the only pain relief she has been able to find. She is finally able to sleep at night. Even the naturopath she saw said there was very little he could do for her except slow down the progression of the disease. I really believe God gives us cures for almost all diseases in some natural basic form, so why not wheat. Wheat has always been a life-giving substance!

Testimonial D. T. from E-Mail Saskatchewan, Canada

Your product, Triticum Aestivum transdermal spray has done wonders for my 89-year-old mother on her knee and back pain! I also suffer from a condition called Sacroidosis which is a lung condition where the lungs are always congested. There is no known cause or cure. The best way to apply TA is to spray one spray into the empty reservoir of a hot water vaporizer, fill with water and run at night while sleeping.

Testimonial from D. P. from Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, Canada

I am a furniture mover and had not been able to sleep for a long, long time. I had constant pain in the shoulder and neck and sometimes the pain occasionally shot up into my head.   After using your Triticum Aestivum spray for about 3 days I began sleeping very well, and when you can sleep your body heals faster.

Carpal Tunnel and Ulnar Nerve Entrapment

Testimonial from C. R. from E-Mail

My husband has carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve entrapment and after 5 surgeries, his pain remained. His father bought him a bottle of your product for Christmas and he says that it is the best present he has gotten. His pain is diminished and he feels better. While it is not a cure, this is the fist product he has tried that has given him some relief.

Testimonial from R. M. from Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

I purchased a bottle of your product yesterday at the health food store. I could not believe the great results! Unbelievable! I will be recommending Triticum Aestivum to my family and friends. Thanks!

Alleviates Altitude Air Pressure on Ears

Testimonial from J. H. from Delta, BC Canada

My wife used to suffer so much from ear pressure that she never looked forward to traveling through the mountains in the car or by air.   Now, she carries Triticum Aestivum spray with her everywhere she goes. Before she sees a mountain or a plane pressurizes she sprays it from the top of her head to each shoulder while keeping her eyes closed. It really does help. Now she enjoys traveling. Thank you very much!


Testimonial V. G. from Houston, TX

I have been battling overuse flexor tenosynovitis bilateral tiands (aka tendinitis) caused by computer work for the last two years. A close friend of mine from Canada sent me a bottle of Triticum Aestivum transdermal spray and it has been a huge help. Use as follows: Purchase two medium-sized plastic window box garden containers. Fill one with cold water, and one with warm water (Epsom salt can be added). Alternately place your hand and forearm in each for about 10 – 15 minutes, ending with the warm water. Be careful that you do not strain your shoulder or neck by standing in an awkward position while you soak your arms. Then dry off and apply the TA spray in a sweeping motion from about 14 inches away and incorporating the elbow, forearm, and hand in one spray.

Testimonial from M. J. from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

I have just returned from a weekend trip to Calgary. On the way there, I heard a radio program which extolled the virtues of this product, and was intrigued enough that I sought out a bottle. I purchased the larger bottle after finally finding a store that hadn’t already been sold out. My shoulder already feels better, and it’s only been two days!

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