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Tyhson Banighen
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Tappen, B.C. V0E 2X1, Canada

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This Wellness Store is dedicated to creating a vibrantly healthy society of humans, animals and plants all living on a thriving planet. Wellness is being fully alive and present in the body. Wellness is manifesting abundance and prosperity. Wellness is being connected to the Source of all that is with a heart driven passion to serve.

Currency: All Wellness Store prices are shown and charged in US Funds. 

All Dowsing and Energy Healing Tools are handmade to order, so please allow up to 30 days for your order to arrive.

The Wellness Store sponsors, The Wellness Show on Health and Wealth and Enlightenment! The Weekly Healing Hour Talk Show and The Big Picture Revealed Show and The Esoteric Principles of Bodybuilding.

For quality on line Health and Wealth courses visit The Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy  

Dowsing tools include pendulums – glass bead, single and double terminated crystal pendulums plus the Ptah and Tiny Ptah pendulums, Y-rods, L-rods, charts and books. Go to Product Category
Sound Healing products include structured water and sound CDs Structured water has the correct geometry to hydrate and remove toxins from the cells., whereas the sound CDs support the body, mind and soul. Go to Product Category
Products include a non-detergent wash ball, stain removal stick, Cerra alkalize water pitcher and water bottle, Goodly Company products for vibrant health and for pain relief Sprouting Health products. Go to Product Category
Energy Healing tools include bracelets, Love Healing Clearing Rings and Energy Empowerment Rings and the Healing Globe to clear your environment. Go to Product Category

Heart Activation
The heart is the connection to one’s intuition and guidance from the Source of all that is.
When it comes to wellness we create the world we live in with every thought, word, deed and action. However our mind is full of endless ego stories of survival based on past conditioning from parents, teachers or society or fear of the future. When we realize our mind is run by our ego and therefore is not our friend we can choose to stop listening to the endless stories. However the mind can be used to ask clear concise questions that when the mind is still the heart will answer.
Our bodies are always trying to speak to use using the language of emotions that range from hate or love that generate either pain or pleasure. It is our choice whether to listen to our bodies or not and as result either to choose hate or love.
Our spirit inhabits a body like an earth suits in order to dwell on planet earth. We are here to learn our life lessons. Once you die the spirit leaves having grown due too the life lessons learned.
Our soul is eternal and incarnates by spirit to learn about free will and the consequence of making choices in this world of polarity. The goal is to learn to make wise choices by listening to the heart and that still voice inside that is connected to the Source of all that is.






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