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Ptah Pendulums

Ptah Pendulums for Healing Humans and the Earth John Living Designed the Ptah Pendulum as an advanced healing tool. I was trained by John on how to make these pendulums. I have just completed a new set of 12 Ptah Pendulums which are ready to ship. These are powerful tools for clearing peoples’ auric fields […]

What’s Happened to My Order?

Thank you for your recent order. My apologies if you have not received your order from The Wellness Store. We are out of inventory in the dowsing and energy healing tool section, so this weekend I am off to the workshop to build your dowsing tools, package up your order and get them out to […]

Why is Alkaline Water Important?

by Richard Davidson, a 75-year young  “alkalarian.” Book: “The Alkaline Cure” by Dr. Stephen Domenig A clinically tested 14-day plan to help you lose weight, look younger and enhance your overall health. Our bodies can be classified as either acid or alkaline. To be healthy, feeling good and functioning well, our pH reading should be […]

Check out The Wellness Show!

The Wellness Show is a regular Monday and Wednesday morning podcast focusing on HEALTH, WEALTH & ENLIGHTENMENT hosted by Tyhson Jeffery Banighen, mentor and coach for coaches. Tyhson interviews fellow wellness practitioners, coaches, innovators and heart centered entrepreneurs who have a passion to make us and the earth vibrantly healthy and wealthy!       […]

Welcome to the Wellness Store

Healing is not so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you… The Wellness Store is committed to providing Quality Business & Wellness Coaching, Products & Services.  Our Mission is to empower people to bring about positive change in their lives, to heal themselves, others, society and the planet.

The Many Benefits of Meditation…

Many people are turning to the ancient practice of meditation for relief from stress and the amazing health benefits. In fact, some health professionals are prescribing meditation to help their patients deal with stress related illnesses such as, depression, anxiety, trauma and insomnia. If that were not enough, there is now scientific evidence that meditation […]


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